Scans from a damaged Ricoh

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For 5 years now I’ve been taking photos from my travels with (mainly) old expired film I’ve acquired, on an old and damaged Ricoh R1 35mm point and shoot film camera. I’ve only recently developed the film, and scanned a few rolls myself (still learning!). Here are some of the results (the orange bands at the side is because the camera lets light in through a crack).

Ricoh004We got stuck for four hours in this mud bath. The driver thought it would be easier than going a different route. Obviously it was an incorrect decision. He got some local guys to dig a lower hole (on the other part of the road) to drain the water to there and then eventually push it out backwards. Kasai-Occidentale, Democratic Republic of Congo 2014

Ricoh013aWhile on the Easter House Party, one of the leaders finds a bath and tries to take it out into the middle of an old moat. Farnham, UK 2013

Ricoh010aMonkeys descending the steps of the Swayambhunath temple. Kathmandu, Nepal 2012

Ricoh014aOne of the temples of Angkor (I can’t for the life of me remember which one). I bought a single roll of Kodak Tri-X specifically for the visit in a very expensive camera shop in Bangkok. Angkor, Cambodia, 2012

Ricoh007aThat guy who does kick ups up a lamp post on Montmartre, overlooking the city. You’ve probably seen him on YouTube. Amazing. He did drop it once though… Paris, France 2013

Ricoh009aI took this out through the window of a bus I was travelling in. Previous to this I had the window open and was photographing out of it with my phone. But then some guy reached in and tried to grab it. So I closed the window. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo 2014

Ricoh011aI think this is the Bagmati river that flows through Kathmandu. Whichever river it is, it’s pretty filthy. Kathmandu, Nepal 2013

So I need to practice my film scanning and patch up my Richoh. Meanwhile, any suggestions on good film scanners to get?


Congo Colours: Landscapes and Skyscapes

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Well I decided to do a simple post of just landscape (and skyscape) shots from my last three months in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Plenty more where these came from, but they will be emerging in a series of other posts and articles over the coming months. Many of these photos may match the stereotypical image portrayed in the Western mindset of the Congo – the dark, wild terror of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness – however, I’m also hoping a few stereotypes are smashed in the following 50 images.

Goma, North Kivu.

Nyiragongo volcano, North Kivu.

Virunga National Park, North Kivu.

Dungu, Orientale.

UN airport at Dungu, Orientale.

Virunga National Park, North Kivu.

Jeannot Bemba’s Mausoleum in Gemena, Equateur.

Boyambi, Equateur.

Libenge Road, Equateur.

Near Libenge, Equateur.

Doruma, Orientale.

Ubangi River at Libenge, Equateur.

The airport building in Doruma, Orientale.

Lisala, Equateur.

Lisala, Equateur.

Lisala, Equateur.

Cathedral in Lisala, Equateur.

Goma from a UN helicopter, North Kivu.

Mubi, North Kivu.

Congo River at Lisala, Equateur.

Congo River at Lisala, Equateur.

Mutakato, North Kivu.

Kimpese Road, Bas-Congo.

UN truck near Walikale, North Kivu.

Near Kimpese, Bas-Congo.

Mobutu’s abandoned residence in Lisala, Equateur.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Kinshasa, Kinshasa.

Barges on the Congo river, Kinshasa.

Huge storm, somewhere over Kasai Oriental.

Solidified lava flow by Goma, North Kivu.

Bunia, Orientale.

Storm in Dungu, Orientale.

Storm behind St Augustins in Dungu, Orientale.

Hospital in Kimpese, Bas-Congo.

IDP market in Dungu, Orientale.

UN football match in Dungu, Orientale.

Catholic church at an IDP camp in Dungu, Orientale.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Dungu, Orientale.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Kibua, North Kivu.

Peacekeepers at Binyampuli, North Kivu.

Dungu, Orientale.

View returning from Walikale from a UN helicopter, North Kivu.

Nyiragongo volcano, North Kivu.