An Autumnal Wye Valley and a few others since Africa

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Well I’ve been relatively busy with various events and PR shoots (mainly in London) since I returned from Togo mid September. However when I’ve not been on jobs in London, I’ve been living with my family down in Gloucestershire. So I thought I’d exhibit a few photos I’d taken in my spare time around home. There are just a couple of colour photos in the peak of Autumn, but most are of family and friends, with a few family portraits I did for a friend in London.

Uncle Dennis and Uncle Jem sit in the mid-September sun.

A few landscapes taken on a local walk.

Uncle Dennis on his 89th birthday outing to Weobley.

Flowers on a rock wall.

Uncle Jem photographs Uncle Dennis’ meal.

Uncle Jem and Uncle Dennis.

Mum, Uncle Dennis and Uncle Jem in Weobley.

These next three are three portraits I did of my friend Caroline’s family.

Dad and Uncle Richard in discussion after lunch.

Lost on a family walk.

Colour at last. The above and below shots are of the trees just outside my house. They’ve not been photoshopped. Those are the actually colours in the mid-afternoon sun. The above swirl effect is done simply by rotating the camera hand held on a low shutter speed (1/10th of a second I think it was).

Dad takes a break after lunch to read the paper.

This last week or so I had two very good friends from the Africa Mercy visit me. Two walks in eight days isn’t that bad…

Christina and Maaike (you may have seen a previous blog about them messing around on the ship) relax in the dining room. Maaike will be returning to Sierra Leone with Mercy Ships in January, and I’ll be following shortly afterwards. Christina’s adventures are as yet unplanned…

Meanwhile I’m looking to move down to London until mid-February, so if you know of a room or a house I can lodge at then please get in touch. Cheers, Tom.