Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia

Leprosy, travel


Khokhana leprosy colony. Kathmandu Valley, Nepal 2009

Well today I’m heading off for several months to the above countries. I land in Kathmandu sometime in the afternoon tomorrow and head straight to Anandaban hospital which will be my base for the rest of September. Naturally the focus of my work will be leprosy, this time working with a mixture of The Leprosy Mission (TLM) International, TLM England and Wales, TLM New Zealand, TLM Switzerland, TLM Netherlands, Nepal Leprosy Trust and of course American Leprosy Missions.

This will be my third trip to Nepal (which is where this whole leprosy project kicked off over four years ago), but my first time in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Indonesia.

The overall trip has a bit of flexibility to it, which will hopefully allow me enough time to pursue some personal photographic work, as well as pick up any commissions, so if you have any contacts in, story ideas or thoughts about visiting any of these countries, do email me: It will be noted and appreciated!

I’ll be trying to update this blog on the go, but I’ll also be updating my instagram feed daily(ish), so do follow me on that @tombradleyphoto.

I’ll also try and update the main leprosy website in time. You can sign up for occasional updates from that here.

Leprosy - A Portrait of the Terai (60)

Women get water from a recently installed pump in the village of Dathora. Leprosy endemicity is high in the Terai, the flatlands where Dathora is located. Dathora, Nepal 2009


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