Wuo’s Town

Africa, Leprosy

I’ve finally finished an edit of the story of leprosy in Ganta that I photographed almost a year ago in Liberia. You can see those photographs if you click here.

However there were a number of superfluous photos taken in the village ‘Wuo’s Town’ that I rather liked. But I was happy to leave them out knowing that I could showcase them here:

Wuo's Town















One thought on “Wuo’s Town

  1. Dear Tom you are doing a very good job. In reality you have understood leprosy and that is why ‘Leprosy Elimination ?’ the question before you . When the signs and symptoms are touble free we are expecting person to report voluntary ! What is eliminated is a number of cases where involvement of the general health care system for new case detection and providing POID (Prevention of impairment and deformity) services not monitored after the integration. Leprosy programme is not in the priority list. Person affected by leprosy is only considered as a number of new cases and not as all individuals in totality affected physically, socially, psychologically and economically.

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