Three communities

Africa, Documentary, Leprosy

I’ve just posted a new series of photographs on Leprosy Eliminated? and other stories. It’s, as this title suggests, about three communities: Enyindakurom – the ‘leprosy village’, Ankaful hospital, and St Clare’s – the care home for those severely handicapped by leprosy. Theoretically there’s a linear relationship between the three; one gets leprosy and goes to the hospital; they then get placed in the nearby leprosy settlement (naturally, with improvements on social welfare and human rights, this doesn’t happen any more); then after they become too frail, or infirmed, they get moved to the care home.

It’s a crude direction. It is, no doubt reflected in the lives a few individuals at the care-home, perhaps even lives to come in the leprosy community.

Yaa Dede

Yaa Dede, 55, got leprosy age 31 and has 6 children. She says of her future: ‘I don’t have any aims. I relied on my farming. Now my leg’s amputated I have nothing to do. I can’t go and work in the farm again.’ Ankaful Hospital 2012



Kwaku Ananko’s fingers, feet and eyes are severely damaged by leprosy. He’s in his 40s, a musician, usually on his bicycle and seems to be in a perpetual state of delirious happiness. Enyindakurom 2012


Maame Esi lies in her bed. Above it hangs a certificate of thanks from the Franciscans given to her just seven years ago for all her hard work. St Clare’s 2012

You can view the whole series of photographs here. If you would like to receive occasional updates on new additions to the project please fill out your name and email here.


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