The Africa Mercy arrives

Africa, Documentary, Mercy Ships, Photojournalism

A 5.45am start on Sunday morning to get down to the water taxi jetty and myself, Reka (the new PR manager) and Suleiman (a local hired videographer) were off in Ibrahim’s speed boat to meet the Africa Mercy as it approached Freetown. If the sunrise over Freetown wasn’t enough to stir the senses then a huge Atlantic ocean wave hitting myself and my trusty (possible now rusty) Canon 5d mkII in the face was.

Ibrahim had to untangle a piece of rope from the blades on the motor.

Ibrahim with a view of Freetown in the background.

The Sierra Leone police marching band played a number of tunes including the Nation Anthem as the Africa Mercy drew into port.

The Gateway and Advance team welcome the ship into the harbour.

Deck hands and gateway crew make sure the boat is securely tied to the dock.

A local port official demonstrates the African way of getting around not having a knife by biting through the blue rope that ties the two main ship ropes together.

Finally the Minister for Health for Sierra Leone is welcomed aboard the Africa Mercy having given a speech.

Next week is screening. thousands of Sierra Leoneans will be queueing to see if they’re able to be operated on. Meanwhile we’re preparing for the field service ahead…


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