Two photo essays on events put on by the Oxford Hub

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I don’t always blog about the events that I photograph – often because the relevance and content of them is generally much more exciting than visual impact of the venue and people present. Well in these following cases that is still true – with the first essay being a record of this years Oxford Climate Forum – with some of the foremost experts on climate change giving their views and answering questions from students – and the second about the Oxford Skoll Emerge – a weekend of talks and networking for social entrepreneurs, with guests such as Bunker Roy (Barefoot College), Jack Sim (World Toilet Organisation) and Tim Smit (The Eden Project).

Why am I showing you these? Well, if you’re organising an event, or gala, or conference, you may want a record of it. The Oxford Hub use my photographs for general PR and marketing, but also use the essays for archives. Interesting and good quality photos really add that professional edge to a website, and my style of candid reportage (rather than clearly posed shots) lends integrity as well.

So that’s why I’m showing them to you: marketing my goods. Perhaps not as interesting as travels in Togo, but if you work for an organisation or company that holds regular events then point them towards this blog or my website. Prices at the moment are £250 which includes around 100-200 (depending on how long the event is) hires and lores photos plus an extra photo essay like the ones below of the more creative shots. One of these is in colour, the other black and white. Enjoy!

Oxford Climate Forum – The Oxford Union Debating Chamber

Skoll Emerge 2010 – Saïd Business School, Oxford

Finally… a quick plug for next year. Get in touch at


One thought on “Two photo essays on events put on by the Oxford Hub

  1. What great work, Tom. Inspiring to look at all this, and lovely to be reminded of you and your involvement. All the very best!

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