Portrait of a building


The Oxford Hub has just taken out a lease at 16-17 Turl Street, off Broad Street. It’s previous owners, the Corner Club and the QI building had left it full of junk; books, paint, furniture old and new in good and terrible condition, pianos, rolled up carpets, in fact the usual stuff you might expect from companies that have fallen under, presumably partly due to the recession.

The Oxford Hub is a focal point for charitable activity at Oxford University. Founded by a friend of mine, Adam O’Boyle, it aims to increase student involvement with social interaction. They’re becoming regular clients of mine, and for event photography the commissions are pretty interesting ranging from a pre-election debate on social issues to this most recent project of photographing Adam and his team sorting out the left over junk in their newly acquired central venue.

This black and white series is the result of a few hours wandering through the frankly huge building, spotting details of emptiness and evidence of the hurried abandonment, as well as capturing the energetic work of a few determined individuals.


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