CMS Adidogome – a Togolese hospital.


I got the chance to visit a local hospital – CMS Adidogome. A couple of nurses went to meet the Director there and we got a tour of the facilities. I don’t have a huge amount of information about it – Mercy Ships did a screening there at the start of the field service, but as to how many people it deals with I have no idea. Unlike the UK, but like most of the rest of the world health care in Togo is not free. That could explain why there were only a few patients there.

Coming in through the entrance.

A patient waiting to be seen.

This is a poster that informs of the different ways HIV/Aids can and cannot be transmitted. Click on it to view the details – some of the captions may amuse you – bluntness is a key to the poster. Some of the captions are questionable in their reliability too; I am not an expert in Aids, but I know that some of the ”nul risque’ captions aren’t entirely accurate.

The hospital director gave us a tour.

The above price list refers to the cost of different echographs and examinations. The price is in CFA – of which there are 513 to the US dollar. The average wage is just over 1000CFA per day.

A young girl is examined in a room also used for minor surgery and wound care.

A boy stands under the checkout where patients pay for the medical services and supplies they’ve received.

The Maternity ward notice board.

A mother with her newly-born child.

The hospital director and two nurses.


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