Medical Portraits

Mercy Ships, portrait

Here are a few more medical portraits. I took hardly any in June because it was mainly VVF patients and for obvious reasons they are not photographed. So I was back on call taking pre and post operation photos this week. These are a mix of post-op photos from the PT (Physical Therapy – these are predominantly fixed bow-legs or club feet) tent and pre-ops of various sorts including maxillofacial tumours and cleft lips. I haven’t included information with them – I think we these sorts of photographs it’s best to see what aspects of their personality you can learn from them – though of course it’s more evident in some than others (you can try and figure out what the person is feeling from their feet if you like). If you would like to know specifics about their condition do email me the link to the photo and I’ll get back to you with details of the condition.


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