Maaitina, Gafar and Tani

Documentary, Mercy Ships

This is a more light-hearted post than some of those I’ve had before. Maaike and Christina are nurses down in the hospital, here demonstrating how you might pass time when you’re not on an afternoon shift. In case you’re wondering what on earth they’re doing, they attempted to cause amusement by wrapping Christina on Maiike’s back in the same way that African mothers wrap their babies on. It didn’t quite tie in with African humour, causing mild confusion on many of the patients faces.

Some of you might remember Tani from a previous post about a Vision Team in the wards. She fell into a fire and severely burnt most of her head and face, losing her nose and right eye. Gafar, the young boy seen here grinning inanely is in stark contrast to the 10 year old who I photographed being operated on. His pre-op photograph in black and white on that blog summed up the depression that no 10 year old should ever have to suffer. Gafar and Tani have developed a brother sister relationship and are charismatic centres of D ward. Here Maaike and Christina encourage them to make a few prank calls from the hospital corridor.


2 thoughts on “Maaitina, Gafar and Tani

  1. Really nice pictures. Maaike put a link on her blog so we could see your pictures. Funny to see maaike doing something crazy, that is really normal.
    greetz Mirjam

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