The Hospitality Centre

Mercy Ships, Photojournalism

Every now and then I visit the hospitality centre, a Mercy Ships-run compound in Lome about 15 minutes drive from the ship. Here many patients rest and recover after surgery, as well as getting eyes tested and engaging in physiotherapy.

Here are a few shots I took there from a day visit the other week.

The tent where many patients hang out during the day.

Elaine (one of our writers) looks into a dormitory in search of one of the patients she’s writing about.

This is one of our patients, Abel. Here, after a few months of physiotherapy at the Hospitality Centre he can finally walk again. He looked like this before.

Patients have their eyes tested here both before and after surgery. Dozens of eye patients get seen each day and cataract removal and straightening crossed eyes are two of the Mercy Ships most common operations.

This is Sassou, a boy who a tumour behind his eye. I visited his village and school near the Benin border on Monday, and will put up his story in the next couple of days.

This is a Dela Aboudou, who suffered from burns all the way up his arm when he was very young, ‘freezing’ his arm so that he could not bend it.


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