Off to Togo


Tomorrow morning I leave my parents house in Gloucestershire, UK at 4am to drive to Heathrow and fly to Togo via Paris. There I’m beginning a three month stint as a photographer in the communications department aboard the Africa Mercy, a hospital ships run by 400 volunteers of the charity Mercy Ships.

Everyone on board has to pay basic fees of $650 per month not including flights etc. and though I’ve been working for the past four months to earn this amount I’m still some way off my target. To get a better idea of what I’m doing, why it’s essential in the promotion of the charity and to donate to my stay on board, please visit my Mercy Ships Crewmates page. Any donation, large or small is hugely appreciated.

All my posts for the next 4 months (I’m staying on in Western Africa for a month after) will be photographic updates on what I’m doing – they will also be my own views and opinions, and not necessarily those of the charity itself. You can donate to my crewmates page any time in the next three months.


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