New Voters, New Politics

Documentary, Photojournalism

I’m afraid this is slightly late getting up as I’ve been madly trying to prepare for Togo last minute and rush around seeing people before I go. Anyway, these photos are from Tuesday 27th April when I was asked to photograph a live debate where students and youth supporters of 15 charities and organisations came together to question four politicians of Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and Green parties: Hilary Benn, James Brokenshire, Simon Hughes and Darren Johnson respectively.

The result was a barrage of questions concerning issues such as international development, human rights, global health, climate change, corporate responsibility and democratic participation. It was refreshing and lively and great to be a part of. The chairman was Adam O’Boyle, a good friend of mine who co-founded the Oxford Hub, which organised the event.

Students think about what questions to ask the panel.

Adam gets interviewed by LBC.

The audience all had two cards each; a pink to raise in support of what they hear; a black to raise to disagree with what they hear. In this case a statement about the need for Trident was met with laughable disapproval.

From Left: Benn, Hughes, Adam (the chair), Johnson and Brokenshire. Simon Hughes notes the irony of Adam pointing out that “it’s noticeable you are all white and middle class…” in a question about ethnic and class diversity within the parties.

Hilary Benn was the only MP to stick around after the event to chat to the students.

In terms of who seemed to have won the agreement of the audience, the Liberal Democrats and Green Party came out strongest. Perhaps to be expected considering…


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