Neal’s Yard Remedies

Documentary, General comment, Photojournalism, portrait

Last Wednesday I was commissioned by the Covent Garden Journal to photograph the eco-factory of the famous Neal’s Yard Remedies in Dorset. A friend of mine, Clare Finney is writing an article about them, and how despite having stores all across the UK, Japan and Dubai they research, produce, bottle and ship everything from this tiny little factory by the town of Gillingham.

The final cut of photos won’t necessarily be these, or all of these. The issue will be published in June/July and is distributed free around Covent Garden, so make sure you pick one up.

Above and below: Rachel is making some sort of moisturiser in the lab. You can see from below that it’s easiest to just scribble amounts of substances she’s experimenting with on the table. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, and while I was there she made the product, and tested it on her skin.

Above and below: many of the products are entirely organic and much of the ingredients are grown in the gardens outside the factory which are tended by Ellie (below).

There are two small room where all the mass production in done.

The bottling of all products are done in this one room, everything overseen in person.

Everything is then packaged, ready to be shipped off to one of it’s outlets.


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