Ok so this blog has been a mixture of things so far – thoughts about photography and its ethics, updates on what I’ve been doing or am going to do and general photos that I’ve taken in the past and wanted to display. Well now I’m using it to advertise my services as well. Specifically in family portraiture and weddings. I’ve been giving a lot of thought and I don’t reckon I’ll be able to earn a living (even poor living) doing photojournalism and documentary photography. So I think I’ll be spending most of my time doing private portraits and weddings. My first excursion into family portraiture was last Saturday and I had some very positive responses. So here’s a selection from the seven sittings with families/individuals.

If you are interested in getting some done or know and family that is then please get in touch. That goes for weddings as well – my first is in three weeks and I’ll be putting photos up then. Currently prices are starting at £70 for a sitting and prints. 07828864409 info@tom-bradley.com www.tom-bradley.com

These boys above were absolute mischief. I can honestly say it’s the hardest photo shoot I’ve ever done, but the family were pleased with the shots of them. I couldn’t get them to sit still for long, so we went for the ‘character shots’. Hopefully that comes across!

This little one-year-old was a good deal of trouble too. He was pretty miserable and I kept having to lure him back in front of the lights with a biscuit. Luckily his sister (one above) was very good at cheering him up.

Annie, above is an excellent singer and was looking for some portfolio shots. She hasn’t yet chosen what she wants but I think this one is my favourite of her.

I’m more than happy to do any in colour as well and I can come round to people’s houses to do these portraits. I may be doing another day with a studio backdrop soon (last Saturday of April possibly) so if you’re interested in that then let me know again. Thanks, Tom


One thought on “Portraits

  1. sorry Tom, but these family shots conform too much to the norm and don’t live up to the high standards you achieve in your other work……Tony

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