I’m a Photographer not a Terrorist…

street photography

Many of you will have probably seen this on the news last Saturday.  It leads on rather nicely from a previous post about the rights of the photographer on the street. The protest attracted about 1500-2000 people to Trafalgar Square to protest: I’m a Photographer not aTerrorist. Police ARE allowed to stop anyone under sections (I think – haven’t looked it up…) 44 and 67 of the terrorism act. They are NOT allowed to delete anyones photos. Anyway the point is over the past few years, with increasing numbers of photographers on the street and increasing fears of terrorism since 9/11 and 7/7 police have simply been stopping people with a camera because they might be photographing something as a part of terrorism reconnaisance. I myself have been stoppped photographing a sunset behind waterloo station. It’s embarassing and in most cases, if common sense were used, totally unecessary. Anyway, if you want to find out more visit I’m a Photographer not a Terrorist.

Meanwhile, here’s a small selection of the photos I took at the protest. There’s plenty more at the facebook group so I tried to put up ones that I hadn’t seen similar too.

I’m not entirely sure who this guy above is, but he seemed to be organising a lot of it. It’s possible he’s a well-known press photographer, or maybe just a loud one, but it seemed to be he that organised a large group photo – which inevitably everyone wanted to take, and turned out more to be a photo battle between two sides.


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