Christmas at home

General comment, portrait

We suffered a load of snow this year, which led to the usual Dad-panic and talk of delaying Christmas day by a couple of days. It all went ahead as planned (though Royal Mail still haven’t delivered my presents!) and I managed to get a couple of nice shots of the snow. As well as a couple of photos of my Mum and Dad.

The above photo is the view from just outside the living room.

This is the Wye Valley taken on the way up the hill. My parents house is at the very bottom, at this time shrouded in the mist that sat at the bottom of the valley. I’ve seen this sight a couple of times recently but never managed to find an ideal spot to take the photo from…the search continues.

I reckon the light was just right to take this winter portrait of my Mum wrapped up warm. At the time we were just heading up the road to clear the ice a bit so my Dad could drive safely down the hill.

And here’s my Dad conked out on the same afternoon. He’d been unable to get out of Coleford, a small town several miles away and had to sleep on the floor of a friend’s the night before. Clearly he needed to catch up on sleep a bit.


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