The Uxbridge Road


Following up from the same style of shots I did in Monmouth, I found myself in West Ealing recently, and walking from there to Ealing Broadway took a load of street shots down the Uxbridge Road. These are a few of them. I’m not sure I would have liked these a year ago. Maybe it’s that for much of this year I’ve either been abroad in Nepal and Nigeria or down in my house in the middle of the Wye Valley away from business, but when I look at these photographs of people on the streets I wonder about their backgrounds; if they’re rich or poor, hard working or lazy, religious or agnostic, friendly or unfriendly, sad or happy; I wonder what they’re thinking about, if they’re just engrossed in their usual daily routine, if they are worried about the future, the current recession, or what to get their loved one for Christmas.

In January I move back to London after three years and I’m looking forward to continuing my ‘Walk in London’ project, this time including more shots like this.


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