Getting back into music…

Music, portrait
Screaming Citizens

 Screaming Citizens

Recently I’ve been trying to break into music photography and these shots are the amongst the first few I’ve taken. Cavalier (below) I contacted via a friend from Uni and they said they were performing in the Scala in a battle of the bands set up in London. Before I photographed them I tested out the lighting in the Scala on the band before, the Screaming Citizens (above). As it happened the Screaming Citizens won the entire event and I managed to come away with a couple of nice shots. Their music is wicked so give it a listen at their myspace.

Cavalier live at The Scala

Cavalier were the guys that got me along there in the first place, and I felt a bit bad that I managed to get shots of the winning act, however these guys sounded awesome, they have a large fan base and no doubt will go onto bigger things. I look forward to working with them in the future. Check them out on their website.

I’m a huge fan of jazz and being brought up playing and listening to jazz piano, it’s definitely a genre that I’d love to photograph. Of course the golden days of jazz in the fifties are gone, and with the smoking ban, there’s little chance of getting those smoky underground bar shots with a saxophone barely visible through the haze, however you still get to listen to it and this new guy Anthony Strong is a wicked pianist with a great voice. He’s just released an album, Guaranteed! and I’ve been playing it non-stop on my iTunes, here’s his website. Here’s a portrait of him and a few shots of his band.

Anthony Strong

The Anthony Strong band, Camden

The Anthony Strong band, Camden

Anthony Strong

One last band I’d like to mention is Sunday Morning People. They’re essentially a band that gets hired for commercial events and parties, playing a whole range of genres in a soul/jazz/funk style. It was great fun to photograph one of their jamming sessions and they’re well worth looking up if you’re organising an event that requires live music.

Sunday Morning People


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