St. Chad’s Day 2008


Chase on Chad's Day

This is one of my favourites of the photos I took at University. St. Chad’s Day is the annual college day of activities and merriment where everyone dresses up in green (the college colour). It start usually quite early in the day (wake-up at 7.30 has been known) with a pimms reception. Part of the morning activities include college invasions where by tradition the majority of Chadsians assemble outside other colleges (Hatfield, Castle, St. Johns and Cuths) and demand entrance which is immediately denied by the college president. This naturally prompts the green mass of students to burst through the uncooperative colleges gates and invade it in order to make it known that today is the feast of St. Chad. Unsurpringly with students this often gets out of hand, and this particular moment captures a rebellious Hatfielder (still wearing his DJ from the previous nights Hatfield Day celebrations) who stole a Chadsians bucket (helmet – part of his green Knight costume) being chased by a Chadsman in a green caveman get-up. It was one of those times where you have a split-second to react but instantly know you’ve caught the moment.


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